Your active holiday on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the ideal place for outdoor activities,
a unique area that suits any type of sport, thanks to the mild climate throughout the year.

Our personal trainer will guide you through totally free activities, which you can enjoy during your stay with your family or friends:
trekking, yoga and stretching, and thanks to the great request: guided walks and water aerobics!


She has a degree in physical education, is an expert in motor skills, yoga and water gymnastics

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Daily activities for a precious holiday.
Your active holiday on Lake Garda with TonelliHotels
The Participation is free!

Yoga & Stretching

Exercises to stimulate the muscles, stretching and yoga to start the day full of energy.
With this yoga class in a very relaxed environment, you can get rid of everyday stress and tension. The Yoga that we propose is not purely meditative, but efforts to achieve a physical and mental well-being. It combines the posture with the breathing.
The yoga class begins with the "sun salutation", which is followed by different positions that are executed synchronizing breath and movements in order to end with relaxation positions. An experience that it's worth it!

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A walk around the beautiful landscapes of Nago, the Penede Castle on the slopes of Monte Baldo to Torbole on Lake Garda.
Routes of varying difficulty, will let you explore the historic city center of Riva del Garda, Monte Brione and its I World War forts, the ancient road of Ponale with its tunnels, the panoramic views and snack bars, to Torbole and its old customs house.
An activity that is suitable to all, even families, which makes it possible to share the passion for trekking and outdoor sports with other guests.

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Guided walk

A walk along the beautiful promenade to the old town to visit castles, monuments and churches.
Many Roman and medieval remains characterize this border region: villages, castles, historic buildings and thermal baths.
A walk for discovering picturesque corners, which is suitable to anyone.

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The water aerobics provides exercises that are normally practiced in the gym, but which are exercised with many advantages in the water. In water, your body weight is only 10% of normal weight, the exercises are simple, the amount of movement is more important and tones the body evenly.
In addition, the water resistance is useful for energy consumption, the movements and thus the muscle strength increase. Our heated pools promote muscle and mental relaxation.

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Casa del Dazio - Customs house

Formerly a fishing family house, later the seat of the Austrian custom and now owned by the Tonelli family. The small port of Torbole with the ancient customs house is one of the most picturesque and most photographed corners of the Garda Trentino. Many world famous artists and poets such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Hans Lietzmann have painted here and found inspiration for great works.

Inside, an exhibition of historical photographs, full of charm and culture, vivid images that cause all those who have grown up here proud memories.

From may to october open every saturday afternoon.

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